Taking Advantage of the Reverse Withdrawal Bonus

Every time players withdraw their winnings from their online casino accounts, they're potentially walking away from the casino for good. Casinos that want to hold on to their customers will offer incentives to keep players and their money online. One way that casinos attempt to keep customers and their money is by offering the reverse withdrawal bonus. For players that want a bit of free money, the reverse withdrawal bonus can be a great incentive to stick around.

How the Bonus Works

When the player makes a move to withdraw his or her funds from the casino account the casino will place a hold on that account. The player will then receive a message stating that he or she is being offered a chance to change his or her mind and reverse the withdrawal. If the player decides to do so, the casino will offer a considerable amount of money that can be used to play more games and potentially win even more money. If the player declines, the money may be withdrawn without any more hassle.

Why Accept

Some players are more than happy to accept this generous offer. After all, they get even more free money to spend with their favorite casino and could potentially withdraw even more down the road. Others criticize the practice as there are often conditions placed on how long the player must wait before attempting another withdrawal. Most players who accept, though, spend a good portion of their own fairly won money before they do eventually decide to withdraw again.

The reverse withdrawal bonus can be a great thing for casinos and players alike, but if players just want their money, it can be a hassle to go around the holds the casino has placed.

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